Act I Is Completed!

We’re very excited to announce that Act I of Castle Gillian is completed.  OK, so we know you thought the day would never come but like my Irish forebears instilled in me, “patience is a virtue that causes no shame”.

Further news is that Act II is well underway with recording sessions of all of the Act I music slated for November this year. Why so long to wait?

It should be no surprise that COVID-19 has cancelled our ability to put the Australian Discovery Orchestra into the studio before November to start on the original concept recording (OCR) of this exciting new musical.

Here’s a list of song and instrumental music titles from Act I to whet your appetite for what is coming!

  • In Which Sylvia & Gill DisagreeSylvia and Gill
  • Quartet (If only…) – Mary, Gill, Gillian and Garret
  • Lament – Oonagh and Gill
  • A Contented Bachelor Man – Jacus
  • Hatching a Plan (Instr.)
  • Black Agnes, Lady Randolph – Robin
  • Why Me, St. Jude? – Mary
  • A Pagan Rite (Instr.)
  • Time To Be A Man – Robin
  • God Be With The Good Old Days – Timmy Tadg Shawn
  • When All This Is Mine – Garret

More news soon.

Take care,

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