Closing in on Act II Completion

cgcrop3So, we are now just over the mid-point in June and the progress report is very positive.

We are closing in on completing all the songs for Act II and this should be done by mid-July.  I am reminded right now however difficult it is to write the first act of a new musical, the second act throws up just as many, if not more, challenges. It’s not harder necessarily, but issues of character arc (I hate that term really), plot resolution, and the requirements to bring the story to its satisfying conclusion all start to stare unrelentingly back at you in the writing process.

Given the long gestation this project has endured with several false starts, roadblocks and the inevitable things that life just throws up in general, it is immensely satisfying to see the end of the road ahead for this first complete-draft book, lyrics and score.  We are indebted to the Estate of Maurice Walsh for their generous patience.

One of the most salutory experiences of working on this wonderful musical, particularly over the last six months, has been in reflecting on how the world has changed due to COVID-19.  Myself and the rest of the writing team have watched our beloved theatre industry come to a grinding halt worldwide with all the consequential impacts created both at a personal level and for an industry crippled. Friends and colleagues across the theatre world have lost their livelihoods and theatres are shut for an indeterminate period (because actors and musicians can’t work under social distancing protocols necessarily imposed).

The world is a much poorer place for the loss of live theatre and music in our lives. These essential art forms are not guaranteed to survive, so let us hope that respective political authorities will have the foresight and wisdom to ensure they are appropriately supported during this unprecedented time of challenge.

The recent protests too, centred around the Black Lives Matter movement, has also reinforced our collective personal belief that theatre should always be a place where stories are told wherein race and gender are excluded from any decision or choice pertaining to the telling of those stories.

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