Dramatis Personae




Gill Morris
A disillusioned young man just returned from war

Sylvia Gayne
His childhood sweetheart who lives with her father across the valley

Mary Morris
His younger sister, a horse trainer

Mr. Gillian Morris
His father, a drunkard

Garret Ward
A rich bully who wants to marry Mary & purchase Castle Gillian

Tyzack Lane
A Traveller and head of the Lane Family

Oonagh Blake
Tyzack’s wife

Jacus McGrath
Tyzack’s brother, an ex-boxer

Robin Morrison
A poor young man who dreams of being a writer

Dionysius ‘Dinny’ Lane
Tyzack’s grandson, who dreams of being a jockey

Timmy Tadg Shawn
The Morris Family servant

Joe (a ghost)
Deceased son of Tyzack & Oonagh

Dan & Lant Shea
Stable Hands

Justice Ned Dowling
Local Magistrate

Senior Officer at the Caerline Constabulary

The Story

Set in Ireland in 1948 Castle Gillian tells the story of Gill Morris, a young Irishman irrevocably changed by his experiences fighting in WWII, who regains his faith in love and the world as he fights to save his ancestral home – and racing stable – ‘Castle Gillian’.

Castle Gillian is a story of how love, hope and courage can heal the wounds of the past – and make miracles happen!