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Castle Gillian Interactive Media Page

cgcrop8We are delighted to announce that the Interactive Media page – shown in the second image panel on the home page on the Castle Gillian website –  is now up and running.

We have created a bespoke map of Ireland, courtesy of our colleague and illustrator on the Castle Gillian project – Laura Hallett. As long time fans of Laura’s beautuful illustrations, we reached out to her and asked whether she would make a special map of Ireland for us for just this purpose.

The result is a fun and interactive journey around the four corners of the Emerald Isle where you can learn about things with a tourism focus as well as places and people that are important to the creative team of this musical.

Not least of these are the music hotspots on the map. Eventually I am going to do a complete breakdown of all the best Trad. Irish music pubs and venues in Ireland that you can visit on your next vacation. There a few iconic places included on this map, but there are far too many of them to have ‘hotspotted’ them all on the limited space available. If you think you’ve been unfairly left out, don’t worry I will be writing about trad. music locations on a dedicated page of the website in the not too distant future.

For now visit our interactive Media page or simply click here .



The Importance of Field Work in Writing Musicals

cgcrop8I have always wondered whether field research in a writing a new musical was ultimately warranted?  I know the great American musical theatre songwriter, Stephen Schwartz, swears by the benefits of doing so – and it certainly seems to have worked for the great man himself.

Therefore, it should come as no little surprise I have decided that, at least for this project, a research trip to areas of Ireland is a necessity. So I am heading off to do just that in the middle of June after I have fulfilled my requisite obligations in the UK for this year.

The imperative for this trip comes from finishing reading two quite disparate approaches to the societal history of Ireland.  The two books in question are ‘In Search of Ireland’ (1930) by H. V. Morton, and the far better known ‘Ireland – A Novel’ (2004) by that truly marvellous storyteller – Frank Delaney. Continue Reading →