We’re Casting For An Original Concept Album

cgcrop12We’re very pleased to announce that we have commenced casting to undertake a concept album recording of the 20 songs in Castle Gillian including all the dance instrumental music – and brilliantly – we get to record it with the Australian Discovery Orchestra and a group of Irish traditional musicians.  We’re casting the world over including our home-grown Australian musical theatre artists.

It’s not that common to proceed with an album of songs before 1st. class productions are mounted of a new musical, but in this case we have good reason to do so.  As some of our creative team are not based in Australia (where I am now too, rather than in New York due to COVid-19) it is entirely useful whilst productions are shutdown the world over to evaluate the music and lyrics as they stand.

Will all these songs make it to the stage production?  Not a chance, but that doesn’t make them bad songs. The reality is that songs get removed from shows because of inevitable changes to a musical’s Book, re-writes of lyrics or, we get a better idea for a better song in that moment!  All these scenarios happen – it’s just the evolution path of new musicals although, I admit, sometimes it is sad to see songs fall out of a show.

My favourite story about this is the efforts by the much revered, American theatrical producer, David Merrick, to remove ‘Meadowlark’ from the wonderful musical, The Baker’s Wife, with a score by Stephen Schwartz and Joseph Stein.  Fortunately this tour de force song was saved from being cut.

If you don’t know this tune, you can watch it below being sung by the incomparable Liz Callaway – in Australia – in 2010.

More news soon,


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