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We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience on our website. However, as emerging technology is constantly evolving, there may be instances where the VR player may not function as expected due to updates in browsers or operating systems. Please understand that we rely on the player to be updated and patched by the player provider as these changes occur. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Known Issues:

We are currently aware of issues with the latest version of Firefox on mobile browsers. This is because Firefox on mobile is built on top of the native browsers in iOS and Android. We rely on browser developers to maintain compatibility as OS updates are rolled out. If you’re experiencing issues on Firefox mobile, consider using an alternative browser until the issue is resolved.

Supported Devices for Delight VR Player


1. Cardboard Compatible Headsets:

Support almost all common Cardboard compatible headsets available in the market. This includes Google Cardboard v1.0, Google Cardboard v2.0, Zeiss VR One, and many others. These headsets are compatible with both Android Phones and iPhones.

2. Samsung Gear VR:

To use with Samsung Gear VR, you can access through Samsung Internet from the Oculus Store. You might be prompted to enable WebVR. If so, navigate to internet://webvr-enable in the Samsung Internet browser. Alternatively, you can use any regular mobile browser with the Cardboard Enabler app.

3. VR Headsets:

Support all major desktop VR headsets. This includes Oculus Rift (CV1 and DK2), Meta Quest (2, 3 & Pro), Oculus Go, and HTC Vive. Ensure you have a WebVR enabled browser.

4. Desktop Devices:

The Delight VR Player player is designed to work seamlessly on most modern desktop browsers. This includes browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Ensure that your browser is updated to the latest version for the best experience.

5. Mobile Devices:

The Delight VR player is compatible with most smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS. For optimal performance, ensure that your device’s operating system and browser are updated to the latest versions.

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