Imagine offering your patrons the opportunity to step inside a new musical and be surrounded by the story as it unfolds

Internationally Acclaimed

Castle Gillian is a world-first, fully immersive musical created for 360° viewing on any smart device or Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

Benefits for your Theatre

  • Broadens Audience Reach
    Accessible to your patrons regardless of their geographical location or mobility limitations, expanding your theater’s reach into the community.
  • Enhances Subscriber Value
    Adds an innovative dimension to subscription packages, incentivizing renewals and attracting new subscribers.
  • Diversifies Revenue Streams
    Introduces a new, low-lift revenue source through digital ticket sales.
  • Increases Accessibility
    Makes theater accessible for individuals with disabilities or those who find in-person attendance challenging.
  • Strengthens Community Engagement
    Offers a new way to engage with your theatre’s community by providing a unique, immersive musical theatre experience from anywhere.
  • Cultivates New Theatre-Goers
    Attracts a tech-savvy audience demographic that may not typically attend traditional theater performances.
  • Leverages Technological Innovation
    Showcases the theater’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology in the Arts.
  • Enhances Brand Visibility
    Associated with an international award-winning, internationally production, elevating your theatre’s brand.

Easy Implementation

With a turnkey solution that includes a bespoke website and streamlined ticketing process, your theatre can easily add Castle Gillian to your season subscription offerings without any in-house technical setup requirements, for a small one-off fee.

Virtually Immersive Musical Theatre

Request A Demo

Castle Gillian is currently available for all non-profit theatres across the United States of America. Please get in touch to arrange a demo today.

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