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Before producing Castle Gillian in its current digital form, it was conceived and written for the musical stage.

It has always been the intention of the creators that this wonderful Irish story will have its own life as a ‘live’ theatrical production separate to, and apart from, the innovative, immersive, digital experience.

The most important question is: Will the live theatrical version be the same or different from the digital version?

The short answer is that both versions share the same storyline of Maurice Walsh’s enchanting novel. The longer answer is that, on the stage, while that story will require a similar level of inspiration and flair from a production team and actors to fully capture its essence, it will be endowed with unique attributes not contained in its digital version – that is to say, the ‘magic of theatre’.

Whether Castle Gillian is experienced as a digital production or a live theatre show, the story remains the same – enthralling, endearing and essentially Irish.

Live Stage Production Materials Available

Minimum Company: 5 Principals, 5 Featured Actors and 2 specialist dance-track (Irish Dancers).

Minimum Playing Space: Min. 300 seats is recommended up to 700-seat capacity for professional mid-size venues.

Script & Score Preparation: MD-Piano Vocal & Full Score | Actor script books available.

Stage Blocking: Complete set of Stage Write files (as used for the digital production) as .pdf available.

Music Score & Band Parts: 12-piece band is optimal | Versions for smaller band with clix accompanying back tracks (Ableton Live, Mainstage or Gig Performer) also available. NB. Underscore and diegetic cues are optional.

Costume Design: The original costume design bible (as used for the digital version) is available to production costume designers for perusal and reference ©2021 Kim Bishop (Australia)

Wrap Around Activities

As available on this website but can be deployed separately as needed.

All enquiries should be directed in the first instance to:

Martin Platt
Perry Street Theatricals
General Management
Ste. 1002
New York, NY 10019
Tel: (212) 367-7106

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